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We here started to accept mail orders for long-awaited LOVE LOVE GARDEN Garage Kit Figures!
Regarding the launched products, we received permission from the copyright owner Ma.K. original designer, Kow Yokoyama ©KOW YOKOYAMA.

We adopt make-to-order production system in this order.
Order Period: September 15th, 0:00a.m. ~ October 15th, 0:00a.m.
◯After receiving your order form, we send confirmation e-mail with the details on payment options: Japan Post Bank Transfer or PayPal.
◯Your order is successfully completed when payment is finished, so please go through the necessary procedures in order.
◯Order processing flow
Completion of order → Start of production → Shipping of finished products as in the order that reservations are made
We will update product delivery time as needed through our blog.
◯In the case when we receive substantial orders, we may proceed to production and sales during pre-order period.
◯Please note: We can Not accept any cancellations after completing your order due to make-to-order production adopted in this order.
◯In the case when you can not access our order form through your cell phone, please send us e-mail at lovelovegarden@tbz.t-com.ne.jp, containing your name, cell phone number, shipping address, desired product, and quantity. Please make it titled “Order for LOVE LOVE GARDEN make-to-order figures.”
A line of products
・1/20 Mercenary Troops' Arms FIREBALL Pilot Figure 3,000 yen(tax included)
・1/20 Mercenary Troops' Arms SUPER JERRY Pilot Figure(seated position)3,000 yen(tax included)
・1/20 Strahl Demokratische Republik Soldier Figure 3,000 yen(tax included)

*In the case of domestic shipping, product price plus shipping fee(Letter Pack Plus (500 yen)) is charged.
*Please note that buyer shall bear the bank transfer fee.
*As for PayPal, payment fee is charged separately.

International order

We make overseas delivery.
・Payment options: Japan Post Bank transfer, or PayPal
・Method of shipment: EMS (Express Mail Service) only

Please refer to the EMS (Express Mail Service) URLs below for EMS delivery areas and shipping rates.
List of Countries and Areas
After receiving your order form, we send confirmation e-mail containing information on payment and shipping (EMS).

We adopt make-to-order production system, so please make sure your order is placed within the above order period.
We update product images progressively by the order starting date.
Feel free to contact us for any questions. Thank you.

Heel Saito

Information based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions
Distributor: Sales Director: Office Address:
3-51-15, Ozenji-Higashi, Asao-Ku, Kawasaki,Japan 〒215-0018
Telephone: (+81) 044-299-6741
E-mailaddress: lovelovegarden@tbz.t-com.ne.jp
Please contact us via e-mail for inquiry. We may close the sales when products
are out of stock, so please check the inventory status through our blog. Taxes and shipping/handling Sales tax and shipping fee
Term of order validity In the case when items are out of stock after accepting your order, we soon inform you by e-mail, except for make-to-order products.
Defective items: Please contact us within 30 days after your receipt of product. We send non-defective product promptly. We do Not respond to used items or resale materials.
Delivery time: As for specified-day delivery, we send out items within 2 to 7 business days after ordered products arrive and payment including product price and shipping/handling fees is completed. Otherwise, we make shipment within 5 days after your payment.
Payment method: Designated bank transfer (Japan Post Bank transfer)
Payment deadline: As for make-to-order products, your order is successfully completed when payment is finished. Regular sale products, please make payment within 1 week after the notice of item arrival.
Returns policy: In general, returns are Not accepted at the customers’ convenience. In the case of incorrect shipping, please send the item to us at our expense. We promptly deliver the right product to you.
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Ordering info

This is a mail order form for make-to-order products under the permission from the copyright owner, ©KOW YOKOYAMA
Order period: September 15th , 0:00a.m.~ October 15th, 0:00a.m.

Item Name Unit Quantity Price
1/20 Mercenary Troops' Arms FIREBALL Pilot Figure 3,000 yen

1/20 Mercenary Troops' Arms SUPER JERRY Pilot Figure 3,000 yen

1/20 Strahl Demokratische Republik Soldier Figure 3,000 yen

Please note: Buyer shall bear shipping for EMS (Express Mail Service) and bank transfer fees.

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